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We use a professional IR camera for our thermography inspections. It produces high quality images with one of the best accuracy ratings and temperature sensitivities on the market.

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Thermography Inspections

Residential, Commercial or Industrial
We've got all your needs covered: from residential service calls to new construction, commercial electrical, Solar PV Installations, and residential/commercial/industrial thermography inspections. Don't hesitate to ask us a question, we are happy to provide you an answer regarding our work and processes. We want you to know just how important your project is to us and we ensure our very best on every job. 


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What is Thermography?

Infrared thermography uses an infrared imager to detect, measure, and record pictures of thermal patterns and temperatures across the surface of an object. Infrared thermography is non-invasive, meaning it can detect problems or anomalies without the necessity of contact or destructive means.

Residential thermography inspections can be used to: 

  • Inspect a potential house purchase for unseen issues.
  • Find absent and improperly installed insulation 
  • Locate air infiltration 
  • Locate in-floor heating lines, and possible leaks 
  • Identify water leaks behind or in walls, floors, and ceilings 
  • Detect defective or improperly installed circuit breakers and                                           switches before they overheat or arc 
  • Locate certain structural defects in exterior walls

​​Commercial and Industrial Preventative Maintenance

Routine thermal inspections of electrical, mechanical and structural systems can identify potential issues before they become a problem. Preventative maintenance aims to keep systems working in proper operation and helps to extend the life of the equipment and prevent costly repairs and safety issues.

  • Early detection of problems lowers component failure and shutdowns
  • Inspect electrical components that are dangerous to touch or reach
  • Reduce the need for costly invasive or destructive testing 
  • Early identification of structural faults, such as water intrusion, allows repairs before considerable damage occurs
  • Identification of heat loss/intrusion can assist in improving energy efficiency 

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