Grid-Tie System

Allows the user to use clean energy created right from their roof. Any excess energy produced is automatically purchased by your power company and fed directly to the  power grid. During times of low or no solar production, such as night-time or winter months, users are supplied electricity from the power grid.

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Off-Grid System

In this type of system the solar array is not connected to the power grid. The system is carefully designed to meet the power needs of the user. Excess power is stored in batteries for use when solar production is unavailable. These systems often have generators as a back-up power source.

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Installing a Solar Photovoltaic (PV) system is becoming increasingly affordable.  Solar PV Systems offers real solutions to the increasing costs of electricity and reducing your carbon footprint. Quality solar panels are warrantied for 25 years and lasts over 30 years, the improved market value to your home and energy usage during this time is worth the investment. There are different types of Solar PV Systems available:

Alberta's Annual Solar Potential

Alberta has great solar potential, thanks to Canada's long summer days, we can expect an average of 1300-1400 kwh(kilowatt hours) produced from a 1kw solar system per year. Depending on your annual electricity usage and how much you want to offset your power usage from the grid (1-100%) will determine what size of system you will need.  

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Depending on the size of system you choose, you can produce most of the electricity consumed in your home. This in turn will save power consumption from the grid and also dramatically reduces the distribution fees on your power bill. Excess power sold during high solar production times will show as a credit on your power bill.

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Solar PV Systems

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